Karachi Intermediate Exams 2024 The Unsettling Delay in Education System

Karachi Intermediate Exams 2024 The Unsettling Delay The Board of Intermediate Education, Karachi has released the schedule for private candidates’ examination forms for Inter annual exams 2024. In a surprising turn of events, the caretaker government’s inexperience in Sindh has led to a chaotic state of education, causing significant delays in the announcement of matriculation and inter-exam results for the Karachi board. The unplanned approach taken by the authorities has far-reaching consequences, particularly affecting careers of hundreds of thousands of students.

Karachi Intermediate Exams 2024

The Matriculation Chaos Karachi Board

The matriculation annual exams in Karachi occurred in May 2023. However, the release of class 9 results is still pending, creating anxiety among students who are in the dark about their results and performance after seven months. The matriculation board, despite having the results ready for class 9 science and general groups, faces a standstill due to a shortage of invigilators to sign the results.

Challenges Faced by the Matriculation Board

Complicating matters, the Sindh government’s decision to eliminate invigilator exams has added hurdles to the process. Despite passing one month, no officer has been appointed as the moderator of the examinations, contributing to a prolonged delay in releasing the results.

Karachi Intermediate Exams 2024 Uncertainties

The Karachi Intermediate Exams 2024 in July further contributed to the chaos. The results for all faculties of the 11th class are experiencing delays, intensifying the distress among first-year students of Karachi board. Evaluation of examination copies for different subjects, including English, is still missing for Karachi Intermediate Exams 2024, and the completion of assessments for Commerce Regular subjects remains uncertain which is a big issue if they did not bring it on time.

Role of Professor Sharaf Ali Shah

Professor Sharaf Ali Shah, Chairman of the Secondary Education Board Karachi, has been informed about the issue multiple times. But the issue still persists However, due to ongoing queries and unresolved matters, the results for Karachi Intermediate Exams 2024, though ready, remain unreleased.

Organizational Changes at the Inter Board Karachi

To address the delays for Karachi Intermediate Exams 2024, Commissioner Karachi Saleem Rajput has implemented organizational changes at the Inter Board Karachi. Deputy Controller Zahid Rashid and Deputy Secretary Haroon Rashid have been appointed to oversee the day-to-day affairs temporarily.

Risks to the Inter Supplementary Exams Karachi 2024

The anticipated commencement of the Inter supplementary exams, initially set for January 15, 2024, faces a looming threat of disturbance owing to the impending general elections scheduled for February 8. The potential postponement of the supplementary exams poses a significant risk, potentially necessitating rescheduling, which could have adverse repercussions for students anxiously anticipating the release of their first-year results.

The Impact on Students

Around 100,000 students in Karachi are on edge, eagerly anticipating the disclosure of their class 9 results, completely unaware of their academic performance even after the passage of seven months.. The lack of clarity on passed papers, preparation requirements for class 10, and potential consequences for failure are causing considerable distress among these students.


In conclusion, the inexperience of the caretaker government in Sindh has plunged Karachi’s education system into disarray. Urgent attention is needed to resolve the issues Karachi Intermediate Exams 2024, and the release of 9th class board Karachi results release pending results, and ensure the smooth conduct of future exams to minimize the negative impact on students.

What is causing the delay in releasing class 9 results?

    • The shortage of invigilators and the elimination of invigilator exams by the Sindh government have contributed to the delay
  •  How are students coping with the uncertainty regarding exams?
    • Students are experiencing considerable mental distress due to the lack of clarity on results and potential consequences.
  •  What measures has the Sindh government taken to address the invigilator shortage?
    • The Sindh government’s decision to eliminate invigilator exams has created additional challenges and delays.
  •  How are the organizational changes at the Inter Board Karachi expected to help?
    • Commissioner Karachi’s actions aim to streamline operations and address the delays in result processing.
  •  What steps are being taken to ensure the timely conduct of the Inter supplementary exams?
    • The potential disruption due to the upcoming general elections poses a risk to the initially scheduled start date, requiring careful consideration and planning.


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